World Unity Flag Activity … for Educators

As teachers, the World Unity Flag may be a useful resource to support Diversity and Social Justice curriculum objectives:  global-citizenship, democracy & human rights.
To fulfill these goals, we need to engage learners and inspire them to be moved enough to care, get involved and get active - long past the day they leave the hallways of our schools.

 “How can we support young people to care about the world and the big issues, Human rights, climate change, globalization and the many threats and opportunities facing modern society … if they feel excluded … or powerless?”

“To feel kinship is a basic human need”.

          From a sense of belonging we foster:

Respect and accountability - human rights

Cooperation on shared needs and concerns  - democracy

Mutual support for the whole community - global- citizenship

The World Unity flag-making process brings people together! 

Through an experiential process of stitching and painting, students, staff, parents, community members can see illustrated the principal of unity  - interconnectedness and inter-dependence of Life. The World Unity Flag is a fun yet interesting activity for teachers and students, as it is completely inclusive, yet asks us to examine and bridge the bias, borders and barriers that separate. This activity helps to reveal our inherent connection, our “kinship” within the community of life …

The World Unity Flag provides a focal point and opportunity to connect individually and as a collective. – It is a legacy project for the classroom and the school community

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